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Their misspellings are retained! Note that yahoo was a favorite, but now they are using gmail. She met her boyfriend on "Words with Friends" 8 months ago. After a close relationship is formed, the scammer. Claims to be on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. But few see these operations far offshore. I met a man on match. 2bn Malabu scam: Nigeria loses Africa’s biggest oil block to Shell, Agip *Oil rig. He explains that some of the corridors lead to workshops and laboratories, others to sleeping quarters. The "landlord" claims that he is working overseas or on an off-shore oil rig and is. The scammer will often pretend to be a professional working overseas—an American vet working in Dubai, for example. I am a petroleum engineer on a rig offshore and do not have much time on me. Dating Sites & Scam (Part 2) Scammers use photos of models from modeling sites or from magazines. Is the issue making money?. Meanwhile, more than 200 people were evacuated from a second rig after a barge came loose from its tug and began drifting towards the rig in the Valhall oil field, also in the North Sea. Try a few different search terms and see what results come back. The rig was in the process of a drilling job, but was, due to the bad weather, disconnected from the well when the accident occurred, the press spokesperson added. I have even spoken to him on Hangouts. Internet romance scams - hold your wallet FRAUD. I am in Perth. Oil rig before sunrise Stock Images by look67 133 / 2,746 Oil Derrick Stock Photography by waveswebdesign 230 / 17,012 Oil rig Stock Photographs by justinb 84 / 1,450 The oil rig. The fraudster will often set up a fake recruitment campaign email or website as if it is coming from ADNOC. That the person is working overseas as an engineer or on an oil rig and hasn't been paid. Some claim they’re working overseas or on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, where internet and cell phone service is spotty so they can’t stay in contact as frequently as they would like. And to all women, don't charmed by handsome face and understanding, respectful characters. Oil Rig Workers Get Vulnerable To Make The Job Safer : Shots - Health News Tommy Chreene saw a man die while working on a Gulf oil rig — and went right back to work. Victims of romance scams can come from every income level, educational background, gender, sexual identity, and ethnicity. Debt collection scams - Scams in which the scammer attempts to hire services to collect a supposed debt. Law and Crime such as an engineer or an oil rig worker. 1979 Press Photo Spindletop, Texas Oil Field in Early 1900's - hca89103 This is an original press photo. In my experience they were all fake. This makes OLD so frustrating because of this. Group of heroin smugglers finds shelter on abandoned oil rig after their ship had exploded. Most scammers use stolen photos and identities. He quickly draws you in and for me it was over 3 weeks then asks for money to fix a drill bit on his oil rig. The same thing happened to me the same story oil rig engineer Nelson Andre. But as Valentine's Day gets closer, the FBI wants to warn you that criminals use. The Hippie Butler delivers the highest-quality smoking subscription box with customizable options for any connoisseur. The drilling rig Transocean Winner is being monitored by a counter-pollution team. Here's the kicker: the ad says the car is in Hamilton, Wa. I've included the email below but my one question is if you provide your email address for Paypal, then where is the scam/what do they get out of it?. com from Accra, Ghana (333461) Dating scammer Tatyana (photos: Raven Riley) (269006) Dating scam from Kazan, Russia - Part 1 (252984) Primer for first time visitors (Dating Scams. Here’s some of the photos about our involvement in oil rig demolition and recycling plan. I was targeted in July. A Johan Botha (although he may be using an innocent persons ID), tried to scam me today by replying to an ad I had put on Gumtree. Their spouse has passed away, and they have children. One guy sent me an email saying that he is an oil rig engineer and wants to buy my car but cannot be there personally since he is on the rig. Rigs have names. They will ask for money to fix a problem they have encountered at work. Offshore Oil and Gas Infrastructure in the Gulf. People lie, especially online romance scammers. There are also quite. romance scams, romancesscams, dating scams, datingscams, sweetheart scams, free online support and assistance, West African scams, Nigeria scams, Ghana scams, Ivory Coast scams, Con artist fraud secrets, extortion, free online fraud victim assistance, threats, free online fraud victim advocate. He also sent her photos of his oil rig project. Welcome to our reviews of the oil rig scammer on facebook (also known as Best Haircuts for Square Faces). Well, there throws up all kinds of other problems. Re: How does this scam work? OMG?!! I got some guy on an offshore oil rig wants to buy my truck sight unseen for full asking price and can I please forward the extra $950. And oftentimes they are oh-so-conveniently stationed far overseas. 200 m below the seabed, Neftegaz. Never been scammed before. I have been online dating since October, 2017. Their spouse has passed away, and they have. About 90 per cent of online romance scam victims are women. com he needs money to clear a check that he worked for on oil rig and that he tells me his name is Jim Charles Gustavo but then says last name is Williamson !! THE FAKE CHEQUE SCAM IS AN OLD ONE WHERE YOU PAY AND THE CHEQUE DOES NOT CLEAR. The scammer duplicates postings from legitimate real estate sites, alters them, and reposts them. This is how the scammer proceeds. Well -- pictures of faces posted online, anyhow. If you'd like your story told you can message us on Facebook Scamming Scammers Action. The sort of photos they use as well as the language of the personal ad can help you decide whether the member is genuinely looking for a partner or not. He needed help getting funding to tow a $500,000 drill head to Ohio. And then will go back to oil rig for 3 weeks. Here is a collection of them. An irate client was the impetus for this article. Updates on Matthew Cutriss / James McCoy North Sea Oil Rig Scam This scammer/s - there is more then one of them, have other profiles with different photos etc. Let's face it working like you do on an oil rig makes you hungry! Every single rig and ship has it's own kitchen with a chef. In reality, the scammers are Africans from Nigeria and Ghana. Maybe he can't email or chat regularly because he works on an oil rig (a very common line with dating scammers), or maybe she can't talk on the phone because her parents are very strict and will disown her for having a relationship with someone who isn't of her culture or religion. Luckily I googled the mail address. Know how they play their plots and do not let them fool you. Given I had already said the car is still available and the lowest price is the advertised price only 5 mins earlier, it pisses me off that these scammers aren’t smarter lol. In today’s world, thousands of people search every day for ways to know if the person they met online is real or just another online con-artist. These scams took in. 9% sure is the usual oil rig scam email. Don't be a victim of fraud or dating scam. Add to this that you won't pay any money for food, lodging clothing, laundry, and the company generally covers the airfare, even from distant regions. The perpetrator convinced the victim that he needed money for food and travel and would pay it back when he returned to town. This category lists scammers who pretend to be single men and scam women, usually out of money. We've been a part of your daily life for more than 90 years. The oil rig scammers will give excuses as to why it would be impossible to meet up, such as being in another country, or working in an offshore rig, hence the name. The attention is flattering and I keep thinking well maybe it's just a coincidence he is on an oil rig like so many scammers. And then will go back to oil rig for 3 weeks. Scams been going for years and is all over this forum and the internet if you do a search, glad you were not caught out. What are the underlying motivations in an industry that is otherwise obsessed with striking it rich. Oil rig 1 - download this royalty free Stock Photo in seconds. the skin may temporarily feel better thanking scams that are available and efficient substance if you offshore oil rig jobs gulf of mexico want to work including adoptive or any of the USA for benefit of more efficiency. Hit me up tonight for 20,000, to buy a piece of equipment to finish his job overseas and come home to marry me. The most potent type available is pure CBD oil, known as Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ (RSHO™). Page 1 of 2 - SCAMMER Edward Johnson